'On a Roll' making - HOUSE MOUSE - Bday Cards

Funny how things work out sometimes.  The other night I decided to make a stack of blank solid colored card bases to have on hand when my mojo hits me.  Smack!  LOL  ; ) 

The next night I decide to dig deep into my never ending scrap pile and pull out patterned paper pieces to fit the bases.  Not giving much thought to a completed card, just grabbing a piece of patterned paper, plus a card base to stick together with my dwindling bit of double sided tape.

wOw,  not too shabby - now I have card bases with patterned papers already stuck to them how handy is that?!

Well pretty handy LOL

The next night I spotted some stamped images that could use some coloring with my teensy weensy supply of copic markers.  LOL  Needless to say I stayed up late cause I was having so much fun coloring in my new  HOUSE MOUSE stamp. 

Guess what happened next?

Yup,  I put 2 + 2 together after spotting the stack of card bases all ready to go and my stack of colored images.

Just before my friend flew off to her cousins for a little visit I spotted the bag of scalloped circles we did using her Spellbinders.  I don't own any yet - can U believe it?  I know, neither can I.  LOL  ; ) 

Well my MOJO hit me SMACK in the face and I got to work fast and with much enthusiasm with the card bases, colored images and the scalloped circles.  Now while I am on a roll I start to panick just a little (AH!) because my bestie (that's my word for a best friend) won't be back for over a week and I know I am going to run out of scalloped circles.  LOL  ; )  When I do, that's it - till she gets back and we can have another play date & I can use her Spellbinders again.  LOL

Well I kept going till I ran out of double sided tape and foam squares.  : )  Now I have lots of cute House Mouse stamped & colored cards all ready to go.  Some for friends & some for family Bdays, and some for my etsy shop.  Woot Woot!  : )

Here is a sampling of my cards made with
my new HOUSE MOUSE stamp


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