Father's Day Jacket Card

This is my first attempt @ a Jacket Card using a template from Lyn's challenge @ PCP as a jumping off point.  I made a few adjustments along the way.  I think it turned out pretty spiffy.  I used brown striped paper for the shirt, brown cardstock for the jacket and blue satin ribbon for the tie. 

Hubby and I had found a cute 'SNOOPY - ACE' tie tack @ Value Village earlier this spring and had to buy it for his dad because he flies airplanes and has a collection of  'Snoopy - Ace' items.  So this turned out to be the perfect way to present him his tie tack.  Much cuter than in a box I think.

I was so pleased @ how easy this was to put together and how well it turned out. 

I rounded the corners on my card @ the shoulder point and the jacket front bottom center.  It was an after thought - I like the idea of the shoulders being rounded off instead of sharp square edges.  Of course my corner punch couldn't go through all these layers so I hand cut the corners.  Next time I will round the pieces before hand now that I know I like the soft rounded shoulders. 

I also did a double fold ribbon for the pocket handkerchief and tucked the end of the tie tack safety chain into the pocket and thought it kinda looks like a pocket watch might be tucked in there too.  ; )

I made some modifications to the collar too - cut it longer and gave it some body to curve it and give it more of a 3d shape.  Only wish I had some teeny tiny buttons to add for even more detail.  Oh and I also did my own take on the jacket collar as I wanted it to carry upward and over the shoulders like a real jacket.

I made some Tim Holtz tickets and just hand penned the details.  I turned them into little coupons that dad can use for a home cooked meal and dessert on us.  The third just says Happy Father's Day and has todays date on it.

I will do this one again. 

I hope you will make one too and share a link here in my comments to see yours.  : )

If your on PCP (PAPER CRAFT PLANET) check out LYN'S tut otherwise you can find them online.

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Ina said...

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Simply AWSOME. Love it and your FIL will too.

Cathie A.K.A. said...

Thanks Ina,

He did love it...and noticed the tie tack right away. : )

Also brought him a red velvet cupcake. yum ; )