Cricut Cake Cutter Demo

Today I'm going to go check out the new cake design cutter by Cricket.

I think

I need to,

want to,

& must have

one to blog about future projects on this blog.

Of course not to mention for all those Special Birthdays
& every other occasion you need a cake for!

I have watched a number demos on the Internet
and am already convinced by its charms.
I'm not saying I'm going to buy one today, no no,
I have to save up or have some $$ fall from the sky,
whichever comes first!

I already own a Personal Cricut Cutter which I
(and my friends & family) have been using for the past few years.

My son has used it on several occasions for school projects,
which made for a less stressed & happy homework outcome.
One of my convincing arguments to myself for buying this
little piece of indulgence , was for that very reason.

I also own the Gypsy (Hubby made me buy it), honest!

So stop by and visit my blogs on a regular basis for projects
using any or all of the above.

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