I've been noticing a CUPCAKE CRAZE going on around us.

First we discovered a franchise cupcake shop
while on spring break.
I just wanted to know what they had to offer;
what there prices were like; and what makes them unique.
I wasn't necessarily planning to buy anything.
I was chalking it all up to research and maybe;
if the goods were worth paying for we might
buy some to take to all our BFF's
when they invite us for dinner.

Well, hubby was the first one in the door and when we
my son and I) got there, he (hubby) was stuffing his
face with free samples! ;)
No surprise there! Chuckle!

I have to admit although the price was high &
they would have to be purchased for special
occasions at that; they were admittedly tasty.
At least I can attest to the ones I tried that
were still left on the free sample plates.

My absolute favorite was their version of the
'Red Velvet Cake' ( some are calling their own
version - the 'Red Carpet' cupcake).
Y uuuu m m m m eeee!!!!

My next favorite was the 'Raspberry Cream Cheese'.
Y uuuu m m m m!!!!

Lastly, (I tried three) ;) was the 'Marble Cheesecake',
M m m m !!!! :)

These cupcakes were humongous.
They were filling enough to be a meal.

This got us on the hunt for more cupcake shops
on our daily travels over spring break.
There are quite a few.

Some are exquisite in style - others in taste.

Some are pricey - some more affordable.

We found as for anything -
price does not always equal taste!

If you would like to share your best CUPCAKE
recipes here to my blog, I will edit them to
after they have been test baked and tasted by our
friends and family. :)

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