Block Party

This is a great idea for children of all ages. You can modify the types of blocks and themes accordingly. For a one year old, you would use the largest blocks made for this age group, and for the older kids; use blocks that graduate in size and style/theme according to their taste/expertise. Doesn't matter what brand you use - just use the ones you have.

Not only do you have a fun activity for everyone to participate in

(who doesn't like playing with blocks?),

but it is inexpensive too!

You probably have lots of blocks already - don't you!

So now you have the theme - BLOCK PARTY

and the activity - PLAYING with BLOCKS

While toddlers will be happy to just play with the blocks, here are a few more ideas to incorporate blocks of fun time for the older kids.

BLOCK TOSS - pARTicipants toss blocks into bucket/hoola hoop from a distance, drop into the neck of a plastic milk jug or toss/throw into plastic cups.

SPEED BUILDING - Give the same amount of blocks to each pARTicipant, set the timer and have them put all their blocks together. The one who puts the blocks together the fastest wins.

CREATIVE CHAOS - Give each pARTicpant the same blocks and see who can come up with a winning design by the buzzer.

TUMBLING TOWERS - Each pARTicipant starts to build a tower from a community pile of blocks - you decide what size you will use in the game - then the pARTicipants build till the buzzer goes off/times up. The builder of the largest tower still standing wins.

Top Cake or Cupcakes with my printable toppers. You can also buy candy blocks from some candy stores/suppliers or supermarkets. I wouldn't recommend these to small children, keep for the older ones only! Use them on cake/cupcake to decorate or use in loot bags. Use other block colored candies like bubblegum, gumdrops & also cake decorating sprinkles to add to the fun colors blocks have.

Use stickers to make name badges (so you know your guests), or to add to a ribbon for awards/prizes, label plates & drinking cups/soda cans/water bottles (so you know who's who's), put them on loot bags and make favors with them.

pARTy favor ideas using printables:

LOOT BAGS - Then fill with inexpensive blocks, I have seen small bags/boxes the perfect size for a goody bag for as little as a few dollars, consider this the goody bags - main/big loot).

PAPER BAGS/BOXES you cut out & make using your sissix, cuttlebug, cricut cutter or by hand using a pattern gleaned from the internet.

*Don't leave the girls out - there are also pink building blocks for girls and they like blocks as much as boys! :)

Download printable invites, stickers and party favors to add to your SPECIAL DAY!

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