Party Game for All Ages

A friend of ours plays this game with her guests at her annual backyard Summer BBQ for family & friends.

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It's an anticipated highlight and makes for plenty of laughs. A real HOOT!
The guys & girls get into this game with equall participation & competition!

Throughout the year she picks up bargain goods and saves them for this event.

She wraps up each item in newspaper trying to disquise what's inside if possible.

All the wrapped items go into a pile to start the game.

Each person at the BBQ has their name written on a small piece of paper and put into a container (bowl, flower pot, sand bucket or the like etc.) for holding all names of quests.

The game starts with one persons name being drawn from the container full of names.

The first person who is drawn gets to go up to the pile and choose one of the wrapped gifts. This person then draws the next persons name and if you have lots of gifts they put their name back in for a chance to be called again and they go sit down to wait for the next name to be called. Each time a player gets drawn they can choose a gift from the pile or they can steal one from another player, this makes the game more intereting & fun. People are always trying to guess whats wrapped up, so if you wwant you can disguise the packages while wrapping if you want.

Birthday present

The game continues till all the names are drawn and each person has a gift to open. Have more gifts than guests.

These items do not have to cost much, if you are a bargain shopper you can find lots of things throughout the year and save them up for this fun game. I like practical items included. I got my first silicone BBQ basting brush by playing this game and I'm still using it today!

You could tayler your gift items to suit a special occasion/event. Another idea would be to choose BBQ items & summer toys that everyone can use for the season. This game can be played at various times of the year too, just adjust the items to be wrapped as gifts.

It's so much fun! Try it at your next GET TOGETHER!

While this game is fun for all ages, I would suggest refraining from having a goup of youngsters only playing this game, as they get pouty if a gift is taken from them by one of their peers. A mixed age group works great!

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