Giant SNOOPY Cookie Cutter

Today while browsing Etsy I came across a Snoopy Cookie Cutter for sale.

That cookie cutter brought back childhood memories.

I actualy have that very same cookie cutter. Here's mine!

I won it at one of my own Birthday parties while playing a game we use to call Mystery Gift. The gift was carefuly wrapped in multiple layers of black & white newsprint, the colorful comic section and old gift wrap. Each layer was to be unwrapped carefully - one by one while passing to the next person sitting in a circle.

The person to unwrap the last layer won the prize inside. I won that SNOOPY cookie cutter and it has been a prized possesion since. I used it to make special cookie gifts for special people and I made them to sell at local fairs.

At Christmas I would dress up SNOOPYs dog house with strings of colored lights (in my signature icing style) just as SNOOPY himself did in the classic 'Charlie Brown Christmas'.

If you want your own SNOOPY cookie cutter just like mine this is where I found one on Etsy today:

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