Banana Bread is almost a staple around our house. I buy a bunch of bananas at the start of the week and add one to every ones lunch bag or cereal bowl at breakfast. By the end of the week there always seem to be a couple overlooked because they're spotted like a giraffe. So these are the ones that get made into banana bread. My youngest doesn't like walnuts, so rarely do I add walnuts. I usually just make plain - meaning banana only. On even more rare occasions, I will add chocolate chips to satisfy my sons sweet tooth.

Well today, I decided to turn the ordinary into something a little more extraordinary. Instead of filling a loaf pan, I filled a square cake pan. To the usual banana bread batter I included finely chopped walnuts. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable by the 'picky one'. When I say picky, I mean he literally picks out every last nut or anything resembling a nut.I wanted to turn the usual banana bread into more of an old fashioned coffee/tea cake.

After baking for about the same time as usual. I let it cool. After it cooled, I inverted it onto a vintage glass cake stand - to give it even more grandeur. I frosted just the top with vanilla butter frosting, then finished it with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Now I know I should leave it alone till hubby comes homes tonight -
but I am so hungry and it sure is tempting me as I make myself a cup of tea on this cold winter day!

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