Where do you blog? PARTY

Centsational Crafty Girls

I have been blogging for less that a year.
I do it here at our computer station in the bedroom :(

I know what you're all saying -
Really, I feel the same way.
It's just that our place is so small -
It's like one of those puzzles where if you move one square,
you have to move every other square until you get the picture just right
(In our case it's furniture that becomes the puzzle pieces).

We also have very awkward features that prevent us from being able to use our space normally like:
an electric baseboard heater on the only wall where a couch/sofa should go.
a patio door that shares a window of a different size in the same corner.
a coat closet that shares the same wall as the patio door & our flat screen.
...and on... and on... and on.

I have made great strides in minimizing & camouflaging much of this using my creativity, (Look for DIY posts & photos coming soon on my blog) but haven't found how to bring the computer out of the bedroom & still enjoy a peaceful (hubby is always @ the computer where he forgets he's not alone -hence the four letter words when he plays video games) pretty room(he's techy too, so lots of cables, controllers, tech gadgets etc. that spill out & multiply & take over like something from a movie - scary stuff!) Not something you need to see in a living room,dinning room or bedroom.

As of last week though I am now the owner of a new iPod touch that I got free when I cashed in points for shopping at PriceSmart & Save-on-foods.

So now because we have wireless internet(THANKS HONEY!) I can blog from anywhere.

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