FREE Apple 8GB iPod

I had gone shopping for a few things Thursday night @ PriceSmart foods and upon paying for my order found out I could get a FREE Apple 8GB iPod if I cashed in 50,000 Save On More points. If only I had that many!

In the current rewards book you need 99,000 points but the hot offer for the current week was only 50,000. Well I had 37,000+ to date; but I did need more groceries. So what did I do? I went home Thursday with flyer in hand to do some brain storming.

Went back to the store early Friday evening bought 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal with a bonus points coupon so I got 10,000 points there alone; that brought our current points to 47,000 - still need to hit 50,000(we go through a lot of cereal and with school start up just around the corner, we'll be prepared for early breakfasts).

Next We buy some frozen meat cause we have to have protein! Well that added another 2,000 points bringing us up to just under 50,000 points as we total our bill. HUH?! For sure I thought we had over 50,000 points.

DUH!! I forgot that I had an extra points coupon in my purse when my points card was scanned at the door before shopping this gave me an additonal 1,000 points for spending at least $75.00 on my groceries! BINGO ! Over 50,000 points! Cha Ching!

Hubby & I go over the Customer Service Counter to cash in our points and order our FREE iPod. "Would you like one now?" asks the girl at customer service "We just got a bunch of them in!" "YA, WE WOULD!"

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