These adorable animals would be great for a Birthday Party or

Baby Bump Shower and are gender neutral.

Courtesy of: The Bruhn Family

Just click on the image above and print them off on your printer.

Print them on cardstock or a sheet of sticker paper and then use them to make:

cupcake/cake toppers,

label drinking glasses/water bottles,

add to plaid party hats,

loot bags/boxes,

parade the images along a wall/table.

Enlarge the images to make larger wall/table top decor,and suspend them from the ceiling.

Another IDEA you could make animal cracker cookies. Print out image onto cardstock, cut out images and trace onto basic sugar cookie dough. Bake as directed on recipe. Then use a glace icing (icing sugar, color, a drizzle of milk. Then pipe on various colored glaces till you have the desired look- follow the colors & lines of the animal images.

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