Butterfly Cupcakes

Here's a fun cupcake...
perfect for celebrating your special occasions in Spring or Summer.

They're so simple to make, but oh so hard
to resist eating before they arrive to their special occasion.

Start with your own recipe for white/yellow cake or take a shortcut
like I did here:
Use a boxed cake mix and follow the directions on the box, but
add some extra nutrition by substituting yogurt
(plain, vanilla or lemon flavored) for the water measure called for
in the instructions, and fill cupcake cups only halfway.
The yogurt gives the cake an nice texture, and keeps them from
crumbling onto your lap as you enjoy them. My boxed mix made 24
generous sized cupcakes.

Bake as per instructions.

While Cupcakes bake, use this time to prepare lemon pie filling.
Use your own recipe, or again use a box of lemon pie filling -
cook on the stove, as directed.

When cupcakes are cool, cut off the tops and cut each top in half
(so you end up with 2 half moon shapes from each cupcake top).
Set these aside.

Slowly pour a large spoon full of prepared lemon filling over
bottom half of cupcake; this will seep into bottom of cupcake
to add flavor and moistness. Add an additional spoon full of
filling and before it sets, angle your 2 half moon shapes
(you made from the cupcake top) onto bottom half of cupcake.
You may have to hold for a few seconds to help them set without
falling over.

Sprinkle with sifted Icing Sugar.

Oh Yeah - and remember to share!!

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